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E-Design Services
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A space designed for you. Collaborate and share your ideas while I create your personalized home style. From sourcing accessories to a full room makeover, I can provide you with the tools you need to transform your space. 

Need help with a project? Feel free to contact me about your space and the scope of the project and I will get back to you with a free estimate.

All E-design and correspondence is done via email. Existing photos, budget, inspiration images and room dimensions are preliminary information needed to get started. 50% deposit is required, any additional services* will be charged an hourly design fee. Payments accepted through Zelle and Venmo only. Please allow a minimum 2-week lead time for design delivery. 

*Additional services - requests not included in initial estimate/proposal may be charged a $30 per hour design fee . 

*Projects requiring structural modifications cannot be accepted. 

  • Paint Consultation  - Finding the right color and finish for your space is one of the most important and easily overlooked element to any project. I can provide you with wall-covering suggestions, color/sheen suggestions and/or color schemes for your home.   

  • Sourcing Finishing Touches - Maybe you just need a few, light fixtures, window treatments, accessories, etc. I can put together a curated shopping list that fits your budget, and all you need to do is follow the link to purchase 

  • Room Scheme - Not sure what style you're looking for? I can create 1-3 different schemes for your space. You choose the one thats perfect for you and I will send you a curated shopping list of your favorite scheme.  

  • Schematic Floor Plans/Space Plans - Rearranging furniture, reconfiguring a bathroom or kitchen? A schematic floor plan, so that your space is functional and well-designed. 

  • 3D Rendering - Need a visual? A realistic 3D rendering will help you visualize and envision your space

  • Room Makeover Package - includes paint consultation, one room scheme, curated shopping list, space plan and 3D rendering. 


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